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Eclipse Token, through incredible growth and hard work and achieving our goals, equal opportunities have presented itself to us. We have contacts that will gladly work with us in every part of our marketing. So far we have delivered Poocoin ads, reddit, influencers up to 3.5 million followers, discord advertisement over $20,000 in prizes paid out. Now its where we are aiming bigger and taking it alongside our charting platform ( one of our major utilities ) to be exposed to the whole world. These are a very few things we are doing one month in, it will also bring us closer to our primary goal in being recognised by lead exchanges and taken more than seriously as our intentions and goals are.

Billboard in Times Square - New York City

We wanted a billboard to showcase Eclipse, but not any billboard or any destination. We chose Times Square New York City. From the list we decided to go with the one and only Tower Billboard right in the heart of Times Square often referred to as the “ONE”. We are currently in discussion with the billboard company regarding a proper way to get Eclipse displayed in times square.

Developers will initially fund 50% of this fundraiser.

52,4 / 100 BNB
Fund wallet addresses: Only send BNB ERC20
Only send BNB BEP2